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Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

We proudly provide care to those injured in motor vehicle accidents (auto accidents).

In motor vehicle accidents, the extent of injuries can vary greatly. Most common injuries resulting from car accidents are what are called “soft tissue” injuries. These are injuries to the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

At first, although these injuries may not appear or present themselves as significant as fractures for example, they are not necessarily less important. Soft tissue injuries if not treated can often result in chronic pain of the area of injury, headaches, limitation of the ability to partake in activities of daily living and seemingly unexplained pain. The pain sometimes may appear to be unexplained because the pain returns months to years after the date of injury.

Injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents can vary in intensity and severity. This depends on multiple factors some of which include the speed of the impact, whether the occupant was using a seat belt or not, position of the vehicles during the impact, the position of the patient within the vehicle during the impact, the age of the patient, the health and fitness level of the patient during the impact, the safety rating of the vehicle the injured person was occupying and many other factors.

We have years of experience evaluating and treating those injured in motor vehicle accidents. View our PI office hours and locations