What Our Colleagues Say!

I can personally confirm the competence of Dr. Arbi Mirzaians.
He displays excellent clinical judgement and has extensive experience providing care to injured workers. He has a great understanding of the benefits of rapid return to work programs for the injured worker, and makes exceptional attempts to create an environment to include the carrier and employer in the care of the patient and return to work program.

I have witnessed his attempts and persistence in attempts to make him available to answer questions regarding the injured workers. He provides a comprehensive treatment plan to include necessary specialists to provide the best medically necessary treatment protocols.

Of importance also is the teaching experience that Dr. Mirzaians has that brings his qualities of a through evaluator of the patient and great organization to his practice. His background as an instructor insures that medical treatment is provided at the highest standard of care with application medical research and compliance with widely accepted treatment guidelines.
Dr. Bruce
I have known Dr. Mirzaians for some years, in my capacity as a Utilization Reviewer. I have, over those years reviewed his requests for Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic and/or other services.

I have interacted with him by telephone only and have always found him to be a reasonable and willing to consider the best evidence-based course for the injured worker.

I have found him to possess critical clinical reasoning skills and to be willing to change or terminate care in response to the particular facts of the case combined with what is known from the peer-reviewed literature. I believe he has the skills that the UR process requires, i.e. in the ability to apply evidence based guidelines to the individual situation of the worker.
Dr. Gary Jacob
Please be advised that I have had a professional relationship with Dr. Arbi Mirzaians for the past 4 years. I consider Dr. Mirzaians a pleasant, professional and competent colleague.

Although my relationship with Dr. Mirzaians has been as physicians advisor for various Independent Review Organizations, he has demonstrated a cooperative spirit at all times during the review process. Clinically, Dr. Mirzaians demonstrates superior skills as a diagnostician and as a treating.

Dr. Mirzaians demonstrates an interest in evidence based medical-scientific literature and a willingness to change as medical evidence evolves. Last, I find Dr. Mirzaians character to be consistent and reliable. I have no reservation in recommending Dr. Mirzaians as a provider for a medical provider network.
Dr. Monty Horne
For two or three years I suffered muscular pain in my neck and shoulders. The pain was excruciating – all this was a result of a bad fall.

I attended various clinics, physiotherapists, chiropractors and having failed to achieve satisfactory results, I eventually had to resort to taking regular doses of analgesics of various kinds. Of course in time, as well as upsetting my whole system, these began to lose their effect.

Then I happened to be in Los Angeles and was told about this wonder Chiropractor, who’s fame was beginning to spread far and wide. His name -Arbi Mirzaian. I started attending him a year ago, and after two or three sessions, I felt as if a magician had been at work. I began to have no pain and I had a freedom of movement which I had not experienced for a long time.

Now I fell recreated, reinvigorated and with a new outlook on life. Arbi is a miracle worker. I can not recommend him highly enough.
Sir George Donald
When my trainer Caroline first ¬insisted I see you, as I’d ‘tweaked’ my shoulder at the gym and it wasn’t healing on its own, I was very reluctant. I was cynical about the entire chiropractic field and, to be honest, scared.

What if you broke my neck? Or made my shoulder worse? On my first visit, you examined my shoulder: you were able to exactly pinpoint the trouble spot. You carefully explained what was Wrong, and what you were going to do to fix it. You predicted it would take 6-9 sessions: in fact, by the fifth the pain was entirely gone, as was my cynicism and apprehension.

During that time, Caroline found out I’d experienced headaches at least 7 days out of 8 for years, for no identifiably organic reason. Again, she insisted I tell you. And again, working your way through the muscles in my neck and upper back, you were able to pinpoint where the tension in my neck and back was so exactly that you could turn on a headache just by pressing on certain spots.

Since then, I’ve seen you for 4 or 5 sessions regarding my headaches. You also gave me a very simple exercise to do at home. I have already experienced 2 to 3 days in a row headache free, and warded off at least 5 others before they really took hold, just by doing that exercise. Dr Arbi, I can honestly say you have made a vast improvement to my ‘quality of life’, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Anne Beaty