The Accident Guy Victims Fund

Their mission

The Accident Guys created a Victims Fund to help low-income victims that were injured in a car accident and are unable to pay for medical bills because the at-fault party was not insured or underinsured. The fund will help support victims who suffered from substantial injury and are unable to return to work or cannot go back to work until they fully recover. Additionally, the fund will assist with funeral costs if someone lost a loved one in a car accident.

What Is The Victims Fund?

Nobody likes to think about themselves in a bad situation, but as is the reality, bad things can happen to anyone. Motor accidents are one of such bad things that can occur, and sadly, they can destroy lives. If you look at the numbers, 33,244 reported cases of motor accidents in the USA in 2019 alone.

When such calamity befalls people with low income, it is hard to recover. Not only do they have to deal with the emotional trauma of the accident, but in some unfortunate cases, they may even lose a loved one. Furthermore, there is also a staggering financial crisis at hand to deal with. Such times can feel hopeless, and many families suffer from it.

The Victims Fund is created for such situations. It is now available to help people recover from this mental and financial crisis so that they get to continue with their life as normal.

The Victims Fund is created by Dayan | Houman Professional Law Corporation. Victims Fund Website.

Who Can Benefit?

The short answer is someone in need. To further elaborate on this, imagine you are driving carefully, minding your own business. Suddenly, you get hit by a vehicle. Your car is damaged, and you sustain injuries that prevent you from going to work.

Now, you need to pay the medical bills, repair your vehicle and continue paying your bills and your everyday expenses, too — all without having an income. Many people are unable to work for quite a while after getting involved in a car accident. Typically, the faulty party’s insurance would pay for it, but many people are careless enough not to have insurance, complicating such situations.

The above scenario was not the worst-case, unfortunately. Along with all of it, sometimes people lose a loved one. The trauma of an accident and losing someone coupled with the sudden financial crisis can be overwhelming. Many families go bankrupt after such incidents.

This is where The Victims Fund (844) 824-3863 can help low-income families. The Victims Fund is run with the donations of the generous public and is there to help the poor victims who find themselves in a tough spot like mentioned above.

Who Is Behind The Non-Profit?

Eliot Houman, Esq. and Omid Dayan, Esq. are the minds behind this non-profit. The co-founders of The Accident Guys were surprised at the number of people they would meet daily who were in dire need of legal assistance but could not afford it. The Accident Guys are located in Los Angeles as well as office locations throughout California.

Seeing the problem at hand with no proper solution, Omid and Eliot decided to start this non-profit organization called The Victims fund.

Today, Eliot and Omid sit as the President and the CEO of the non-profit, respectively. Joining them on this endeavor is their great team; CFO Navid Barkhodar, Secretary David Tehrani, and the Vice-President, Dr. Pouyan Famini.

*** Physical Rehabilitation Services, Inc., Arbi Mirzaians DC do NOT endorse or promote any one entity or resource for victims. This information is offered only for the purpose of education and informational purposes in case it is to be of benefit or assistance to those in need and to whom this resource may apply. You are encouraged to speak to an attorney, other doctor, and/or any other professional you believe can best guide or assist you regarding your needs. You may also consider inquiring about the Victims of Crime Fund and any other resources or assistance made available to the public or which may apply to you. You are also encouraged to search online, contact any County or State resource database, search the Yellow Pages or Yelp for same or similar services. ***