Primary Treating Physician

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Primary Treating Physician Services

The primary treating physician (PTP) is the physician who is primarily responsible for managing the care of an employee who has been injured at work. It is the responsibility of this doctor to perform a comprehensive examination related to the areas injured at work.

What Does a Primary Treating Physician Do?

This doctor evaluates the injured worker for the purpose of rendering or prescribing treatment and who will likely thereafter monitor the effect of the treatment. The primary treating physician is the physician selected by the employer or employee. It is the responsibility of the PTP to issue timely reports to inform the involved parties regarding the status and progress of the injured worker.

The PTP also makes appropriate referrals to necessary specialists and for medically necessary diagnostic studies to provide the best care possible to the patient.
It is very important for the PTP to practice “evidence based medicine” in the workers’ compensation arena and to be familiar with the ACOEM Guidelines (American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine), ODG (Official Disability Guidelines), and the MTUS (Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule).

Dr. Arbi Mirzaians serves as a primary treating physician and is well versed in the Guidelines. View our PTP office hours and locations