Doctored Movie Exploring Chiropractic Care

I am excited to be able to share with you a documentary entitled Doctored, that is pro-chiropractic.
I am actually very happy that the LA Times journalist, Mr. Gary Goldstein, begins his article with the following statement:

“Though it’s mostly one sided and sometimes plays like a commercial for the alternative medical community, “Doctored” makes a cogent case for real cooperation between Western medicine and less traditional protocols.”

For anyone who knows me or has been following my blogs, you will know that as a chiropractor, I am extremely pro-Western medicine-allopathic medicine. More than that, I am most in support and concerned about the well being of patients as I always intend to treat our patients with the same concern, respect and care as we would the closest of our family members and friends. I have always been in support of various specialists working together in the best interest of the patient and this article discusses that.

I am happy that the opening of the article begins the way that it does, because it is honest reporting and therefore when you read on, the remainder of the article is more believable. The benefits of chiropractic care become more believable to the reader as well.

As I have said before, all specialties play a beautiful and important role in patient care. I believe that each specialty should be allowed to shine and deliver its greatest gift to the patient and in the best interest of the patient. The delivery of care should be in the most conservative way and with the greatest impact.

I do not endorse the use of chiropractic care to treat non-musculoskeletal conditions as this article touches upon. I do not think that the article necessarily implies that the treatment of diseases such as multiple sclerosis or cancer is performed by the chiropractors in the movie, however individuals suffering from such illnesses can still continue to be chiropractic patients when contraindications are addressed and avoided.

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