TagAway Reviewed by Dr. Arbi Mirzaians

I wanted to review another product on the market that I had received a few questions about and that is the skin tag removing naturopathic product, My Tag Away™. I went to their website and reviewed their information about the product and went through the purchase process.

I was ultimately more fond of the product based on my personal experience than I was with their website and “shopping cart” experience when I went to purchase the product.

The steps to purchasing the product involves answering identical/nearly identical questions on the web pages that essentially causes you to purchase more of the product than you had desired.

Moving on to the product, however, it seemed to work pretty well for me. I had a couple of skin tags, medical term being acrochordon, at the base of my neck and thought I would try this out.

I did so with relatively good success. The adds for this product inform you in fine print that it may take approximately 3 to 8 weeks to work. I followed the application instructions and it seemed to work just fine and it did get rid of my skin tags within the given time frame. I did not notice any discoloration of my skin or any noticeable adverse effects resulting from the use of the product, My Tag Away™.

I am uncertain if the product worked well because of its qualities and potency, ie ability to deliver on its promise or if it was because the skin tags that had developed on my body were at the base of my neck where I commonly shave anyway.

At any rate, my personal experience with this product was more of a positive one than a negative one and in all fairness to the product, it is important to state that I applied the remedy twice per day rather than the recommended three times per day. Here is a useful website about skin tags so that you can better educate yourself about skin tags. http://www.medicinenet.com/skin_tag/article.htm